Pain Calm

Pain Calm

Joint Pain? Muscle Pain? Just Pain? A new natural opiod-free pain remedy is here! Pain Calm by Glesa LaRaye was designed to reduce pain and inflammation when applied to the skin. It has a warming sensation. Gently massage into the skin where the pain is located. Based on studies, this product, was able to significantly reduce the pain that the users felt. Some even claimed to be pain free. Results may vary.


This blend consists of essential oils of Frankincense, Turmeric, Ginger, and Eucalyptus thoughtfully placed on top of a Castor oil base.


It comes in a 1/2 oz dropper bottle (could be a different color and style than the one shown).



As with all oils on this website, and any oil in general, there is a risk of possible irritation to the skin, so please perform a test. Do not store oils in a place that is easily accessible to children. Keep away from areas of the body that are sensitive, such as the eyes. Contact your doctor if you are pregnant or on medication.

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