Glee by Glesa LaRaye

Glee by Glesa LaRaye

Glee by Glesa LaRaye is a signature blend designed to give women a sense of positivity, calm, joy, clarity, and happiness, such as the word glee defines. A very refreshing fragrance with the lingering scent of honey and an underlying hint of rose. All oils that are part of this blend show up favorably.


Honey Myrtle, Rose Absolute, and Sandalwood, layered on top of Sweet Almond Oil, is what this blend consists of.


It comes in a 10ml glass roll-on bottle (could be a different color and style than the one shown).



As with all oils on this website, and any oil in general, there is a risk of possible irritation to the skin, so please perform a test. Do not store oils in a place that is easily accessible to children. Keep away from areas of the body that are sensitive, such as the eyes. Contact your doctor if you are pregnant or on medication.