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Daily Affirmations for Healing and Direction

Daily affirmations are phrases that you tell yourself, about yourself, that you want to ring true in your life. With conviction, positivity, belief, and action, you are manifesting the things that you desire into your reality. It is often said, "We create our own realities." Ask yourself, what reality am I creating?

You might consider that one of the hardest things to do is to be happy no matter what you are going through, but if you change you perception, it may not be that hard after all. Whenever you are feeling out of sorts, take the time to do something that you love. Something wonderful that can raise your vibration or lift your mood, so to speak. Remember, this world needs your contributions! Also, there is always someone else that is worst off than you. So take the time to volunteer as a mentor, help feed the homeless, teach someone how to read, donate money, or perform some other selfless act, and soon you will realize just how grateful and fortunate you truly are.

Below, you will find a daily affirmations video that I recorded so that you can use in your life. This video can also be found here:

I am grateful that you took the time to read this. Please enjoy the video and take care.

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